Click Our Bait: Funny Fishing Moments You Should Check Out

If you were to ask other people what kind of bonding activity is a perfect thing to do with family, friends, or even workmates, one of the first answers you would get would be “fishing”. That’s right – the flick and bait activity. It’s just so relaxing to do since it wouldn’t really require you to do too much and would give you a lot of time to just sit back and enjoy the company of your family or friends. And do you know why people also choose to go fishing as a bonding activity? It’s because a lot of unpredictably funny moments can happen!

And we are here to show you some of the photos that were luckily caught on camera! Check these out!

A Fishing Kind Of Honeymoon

Most newlyweds would choose to go out on a trip to a foreign island or country for their honeymoon because: (1) they can afford it, and (2) it’s like the most mainstream and socially practiced honeymoon choice.

But it turns out, this couple are not one of those cliché couples! As you can see, this bride has her rod and is ready to go fishing. Despite wearing her bridal gown.

Don’t worry, no judgments here! We are glad that this couple chose a cheaper way to enjoy their honeymoon. And if they caught some fish, they could save dinner money!

Or maybe it was actually a beach wedding and the wind blew her veil to the water and she was just out to get it? Why is no one else helping her? We really have so many questions for this photo.

Posing For The Camera

Divers exist because they really love seeing the underwater world. And maybe to catch some fish by hand. But yes, it’s really usually just to get some scenic view that the sea could offer.

A better way to also remember the memories you made under the sea is to take some photos! Not only for you to enjoy, but to share to the world!

This diver here obviously chose the right spot of the ocean to go for a dive. As shown, he is surrounded with a school of fish! A perfect time and place to take a snapshot, right?

Yes! And it seems like the fish thought so too. Looking like it really made sure to be in the photo, it decided to be the main focus of the photo. What a photogenic little fish!

He Doesn’t Want To Lay Down On A Bed Of Roses

This man clearly does not want to lay down on a bed of roses. It looks like roses aren’t really his thing. But instead, he definitely wants to lay down on a bed of rods. Or maybe with fishing rods, rather. And on top of that, he would prefer to spoon with his rods!

If he has a spouse, we are totally sorry to see that he would prefer to sleep and spoon with his fishing rods. But if he’s single, well, maybe it is understandable. Those fishing rods of him are the only ones that could keep him company at night. It’s rather sad though. But if he’s happy, who are we to judge?

Caught Two Fishes

“There are tons of fish in the sea”, they said. And this man went off to sail the great big blue and tested it out. And alas! He was indeed able to prove their words true. This man looks like he was able to catch two kinds of fish in the sea! One he could enjoy eating as his meal, and the other, he could enjoy eating a meal with for as long as he makes it work. Awesome guy!

Kidding aside, he is indeed lucky for being able to catch a huge fish that’s almost as big as his female companion! It’s a picture perfect moment for sure!

urvival Of The Fittest

When you go out for fishing, we can probably suggest that you practice your body strength. Upper body for strong grip and body power for pulling. And maybe the lower body strength to support the added weight when you catch your fish. Just some tip so as to not end up like this guy here.

He probably caught a huge fish – one that was not made to back down from a fight – especially if it’s a fight to the death. Then again, we can’t help but think: this tug-of-war situation is probably something that you can avoid if you are surely stronger than the fish, so boys, make sure to get those arm and leg workout plans!

In The Middle Of The Road

Big storms plus bad drainage system would equal to a seriously flooded area. However, a way to look at bad situations in a positive light, is by making something useful of it. And in this case, fishing! There really is no harm in hoping that you could catch some fish in the middle of the road!

And who knows, maybe this road is near a river whose currents were so strong that they actually reached the flood. After all, that kind of thing is very common in the countryside, or simply in areas where the river is near a road. We’re definitely hoping that this man caught some!

Can’t Catch Him

Fishing is one of the best things to do as a bonding activity because you can actually do other activities while waiting for a fish to take your bait. If you have other work due because your boss called you out of nowhere during your fishing weekend, you can totally get that job done while waiting! Or maybe you have been wanting to finish the book you recently bought? Fishing is bookworm-friendly, truth be told!

We also have modern innovations to make fishing less of a hassle for you, such as fishing rod stands! However, this gigantic fish probably knows what’s up with the rod stands. That is why it’s taking its time chilling by them and not worrying about taking the bait.

Either way, it would be really tough to catch this huge fella. Because for sure, one move would make him swimming away in a heartbeat! Poor fishermen caught in a dilemma

They Probably Can’t Read

Signs were made for a reason. And that reason would have to be for people to read it. Which is also why signs are posted in places that people can easily see it. They usually contain messages to instruct what you should and shouldn’t do. Just like this sign on the bridge that is telling people that no fishing should be done from the bridge.

However, as you can see in the picture, people still swarmed the bridge with their fishing equipment with them. Clearly showing their intentions to fish – well, some are already fishing anyway. This can only be explained by one thing: they probably can’t read.

All Geared Up

Just like every other sport in the world, fishing would require using of various equipment. Aside from the given and obvious fishing equipment – hook, bait, and rod – you would expect that there really other gears needed for this certain hobby. A fishing net could be one if you want a quicker way to fish.

But we actually haven’t heard of a football helmet with a small basketball ring and a rubber chicken attached to it being one of the equipment for fishing. Is this a new trend we don’t know about? If any of you know the answer, then we’d appreciate it if you can tell us!

Hoping To Catch “The Fish”

If you love fishing and you were asked why you felt that way about it, you would probably answer the cliché stuff. Such as how you much you love the peace and quiet you experience while waiting. Or maybe you would say you love the feeling of fulfillment when you actually get to catch one fish.

But these men in the picture would probably think of something else as to why they love fishing so much: “Oh well, you know, we really love watching and enjoying the view while waiting for the fish to take our “bait”. The real question here is… what exactly is the bait? Think they can catch some fish they’ve been waiting for?

Hold On Tight

Other than fishing from the shore or by the river docks, some people (usually those who could afford them) would go fishing on their boats. They love chilling on the deck of their boats or just rocking in their canoe while waiting to catch some fish.

Relaxing by the river docks or seashore to fish can be called stress-free and more budget friendly because they just have to worry about sitting on the right spot and wait. While using a motorboat to fish can lead to unexpected events such as an engine malfunctioning.

And these two lads look like they’re experiencing this kind of dilemma. Lucky for them though, they know that all they need to get out of is a little bit of creative thinking, strong arms, and huge lungs.

Well Played, Rock

As we have mentioned above regarding unpredictable happenings while fishing, we also meant getting stuck somewhere you did not expect to be at in the first place. You know how cars belong on land, and so you expect it to run on land. And that’s the same for boats. Boats were made to be at sea, and that’s where you would expect them to be – floating at sea.

In this picture though, it looks like this boat and its captains are not aware of where boats should be in the first place. But how did they become captains though if they didn’t know that? Well, we can just really say, “well played, rock.”

A Fishy Looking Footwear

We know that there are a lot of people who prefers wearing open-toed footwear than closed ones. No judgment here though since we do agree that slippers or sandals are very easy to use and are very simple. Especially when you are at the beach or near any body of water!

And if it is the beach you are headed to, then why not match your fashion to where you are off to? Such as ‘fish-styled’ slippers for your trip by the sea! Totally nothing fishy about that look!

Fishing At Road-Lake

Maybe we can safely assume that potholes are hated by most, if not all. Especially by drivers and passengers alike. Not only is it uncomfortable to experience, but is also very destructive to your cars.

However, we understand that just like everything in this world, potholes deserve some love too! And could be put to good use. And it looks like that man from the picture has gone off on a head start! By turning the pothole into his own personal fishing pit.